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about me

i generally value time & space as the most important resources.

time is super powerful and valuable. anything is possible with time & space.

however these things are super expensive!!

i work as a software engineer. I currently work on CryptoKitties. I do/did my contract work at hightops, my random coding projects and experiments are on github, and i'm sometimes on twitter.

i live in brooklyn, which is great. there is not much greenery here... not many parks... not many trees... and I like nature a lot! Apparently in the 70s a crate of tropical parrots broke open at LaGuardia. They all flew out. Even though the winters are pretty harsh here... they were OK. A bunch of them made a home in a huge cemetary with gothic architecture, Green-Wood, in Brooklyn. The grass is super green there and there's lot of trees. They thrived. So now there are these tropical birds perched atop dark gothic structures somehow thriving for generations with just enough trees and green grass.

to compensate for the concrete i take care of a bunch of plants in my apartment: aloe, bamboo, an orchid, ponytail palm, a succulent, a pink polka dotted plant... and a bunch of others, of which, I'm not sure of their species.

hopefully I am becoming more human and more "me" everyday: learning from the past, taking advantage of the present, and hopefully contributing to a better future.

meditatation is important to me. it doesn't need to be sitting cross legged. it can be and look like a lot of different things and can catch you by surprise. the key is that it brings you to a higher state of presence (or something along those lines).

austinsamsel.com is not really a website nor a blog. currently, it is more or less an address where I collect and store artifacts. the design is super vintage. hope you like.

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